Leadership by LIGHT:
Principles That Empower

Leadership by LIGHT is a book filled with know-how that will help you examine your life, determine where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. Embracing your faith, you will begin a journey of discovery that will empower you to create a fulfilled and abundant life.


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Praise for Leadership by Light

  • Millennials have been raised to believe the “sky is the limit.” With greater aspirations than any generation before, the right knowledge and tools will help them lead lives of significance. Leadership by LIGHT provides an innovative, step-by-step way to identify who God has designed them to be and to equip them with the skills needed to serve with wisdom and purpose.

    Dr. Michael Easley

    former President of Moody Bible Institute, Host of Michael Easley inContext

  • This book gives 20- and 30-sometings the guidance we need to live a balanced life. Leadership by LIGHT provides practical and easily accessible tools, coupled with faith-based principles, to make a whole and complete self.

    Cory Edwards

    Marketing Director, Adobe / Millennial

  • I loved reading Leadership by LIGHT because it empowered me to work toward my goals while considering God and faith in ways I do not often hear in my community. It was packed with good information while also being concise and easy to read, which is perfect for my busy Millennial lifestyle!

    Kathryn Wickman

    Counselor / Millennial

  • What if somebody figured out how to write a short book that was jam-packed with principles that would help you accomplish your God-given dreams in life? What if it also showed you how to keep your dreams aligned with your gifts and abilities, and in tune with Biblical principles? What if that book were specifically designed for Millennials, but was crafted so that others could benefit immensely, regardless of faith or age? Imagine, too, that the writer accomplished all this while using clear and succinct language, inspiring examples, and maintaining a perspective that’s both realistic and practical. Could anyone write such a book? Steven Hitz has, and has done it superbly. Leadership by LIGHT deserves a very wide audience indeed.

    Craig L. Blomberg

    Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary

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Principles in Leadership by Light


Congruence and
authentic relationships


Financial freedom
and pursuit of goals


The importance of identifying values


The Formula for

About the Author



Steven A. Hitz is an entrepreneur at heart. Being involved in various businesses from banking to farming has allowed him to see the principles contained in Leadership by LIGHT change the lives of thousands of people around the world.

He is a founding member of Launching Leaders Worldwide, Inc., where interfaith teams work to implement faith-driven principles that empower, and where participants create their futures.

Steve is married to the amazing Ginger L. Hitz. They are blessed with three sons, two daughters, and ten beloved grandchildren and counting.