Now is the Time to Create Your Future

Where am I finding meaning and purpose?
Am I living true to myself and being authentic?
Am I discovering my potential?
Should I make a plan for my life?
What does financial self reliance mean to me?
Can I succeed alone?
How can I give back?

The Launching Leaders online course gives you tools that open doors to a life of fulfillment. We’ll help you develop your complete self. You will learn how to apply personal leadership principles to your spirituality and everyday life. You will discover how to accomplish your life’s purpose. You will create your future.

What to expect with Launching Leaders

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Launching Leaders

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The Launching Leaders course is free of charge for all individuals, faith-based organizations, and nonprofits. Simply login and find out for yourself if the principles we teach make everyday sense and will increase your fulfillment and success.


Launching Leaders Full Course

Topics covered

The Launching Leaders online course is packed with inspiring principles and practical steps you can apply to your life immediately. We give it to you in small chunks with lots of well-done video that is mobile friendly. Plus, you’ll also get access to free downloadable resources, and our book to create your future.

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You’ll Receive

  • Self assessment for creating your future
  • Reasons for planning your life
  • Coaching and resources on finding mentors
  • Introduction to Launching Leaders: An Empowering Journey for a New Generation (companion book to the course)
  • Useful articles on mentors

You’ll Receive

  • The Cycle of Spiritual Guidance
  • A plan for identifying and developing your core values
  • Launching Leaders book, Chapter 1 – Taking Control of Your Life, and Chapter 2 – The Power of Defining Your Core Values
  • Summary books – Organize Tomorrow Today & Talent is Never Enough

You’ll Receive

  • Understanding a mentor’s role in helping you find your path
  • A structure for identifying and adopting mentors
  • A method for contacting mentors
  • Launching Leaders book, Chapter 3 – Mentors: Your Bridge to Success
  • Summary books – The Power of We & Get in the Game

You’ll Receive

  • A process for planning your life
  • Tips on the power of journaling
  • Launching Leaders book, Chapter 4 – Charting Your Course
  • Summary book – Create Your Own Future

You’ll Receive

  • The Formula – six steps to true happiness and fulfilment
  • Examples of how to apply The Formula
  • Launching Leaders book, Chapter 5 – The Formula
  • Summary book – The Slight Edge

You’ll Receive

  • Assessment on whether you’re living true to yourself
  • Worksheet on living a double life vs a life of congruence
  • Steps for improving your personal online brand
  • Launching Leaders book, Chapter 6 – Beware the Double Life
  • Summary book – Winners Never Cheat

You’ll Receive

  • Identification of your habits
  • Ideas for creating positive habits
  • Four steps for developing your habits
  • Launching Leaders book, Chapter 7 – Habits of Success
  • Summary books – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, The Power of Habit, and Achievement by Habit

You’ll Receive

  • Five principles of financial fitness
  • A step-by-step path for achieving financial fitness
  • Spread sheet for creating a financial plan
  • Launching Leaders book, Chapter 8 – Financial Fitness
  • Summary book – The Richest Man in Babylon

You’ll Receive

  • Ideas for rising above mediocrity
  • 10 Scrolls and 10 Vows of Og Mandino
  • Launching Leaders – Chapter 9, Rise Above and Make a Difference
  • Summary book – The Winner Within

You’ll Receive

  • Examples from some of the world’s great storytellers
  • Effective storytelling worksheet & exercise
  • The three E’s of effective communication
  • Launching Leaders book, Chapter 10 – Effective Communication and The Power of Storytelling
  • Summary books – Tell to Win & Lead with a Story

You’ll Receive

  • Real ideas for giving back
  • A path for giving back
  • Launching Leaders book, Chapter 11 – Giving Back
  • Summary books – Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn & Give and Take

You’ll Receive

  • Ideas for using what you’ve learned and moving forward
  • Ideas for creating your own personal mantra
  • Launching Leaders book, Chapter 12 – Onward!
  • Summary books – Go Put Your Strengths to Work

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