Matthew Davis (far left) made the long journey from being a Liberian refugee to starting the first Launching Leaders course in Ghana, Africa. He now operates a school, giving young refugees an opportunity for a good education. He also continues to facilitate Launching Leaders groups as his way of giving back.

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I’ve come to learn about how to be confident.


It’s taught me some practical skills, to help me sort of take control of my future.


God does have an interest in your financial well being because He has an interest in you.


It has helped me to identify my core values.


It has taught me how to be responsible, and not to feel down on myself.


What I loved about Launching Leaders…it asked ‘Who do you want to become?’


I wanted to bring God into my professional life…Launching Leaders gave me a clear way.


I was able to meet wonderful people who mentored me and helped me.


Being congruent is important because you’re being real, you’re being yourself.


The biggest lesson I learned about giving back is that you can do it now.


Finance…its ok to intentionally plan this. That’s something God would be pleased about.


It gives you a sense of direction, a sense of purpose.

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