Launching Leaders

An Empowering Journey for a
New Generation

By Steven A. Hitz


Where am I finding meaning and purpose?
Am I living true to myself and being authentic?
Am I discovering my potential?
Should I make a plan for my life?
What does financial self reliance mean to me?
Can I succeed alone?
How can I give back?

Launching Leaders: An Empowering Journey for a New Generation is a book filled with know-how that will help you examine your life, determine where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. You will begin a journey of discovery that will empower you to lead out in your own life, creating your future.

Launching Leaders celebrates you as part of a new generation, and the wondrous contributions you bring to humanity. It embraces your gifts and helps you make the most of them by joining universal principles with faith to build a successful and fulfilling life. Plus it gives you the practical tools and exercises to do it.


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Praise for Launching Leaders

  • “This book gives 20- and 30-somethings the guidance we need to live a balanced life. Launching Leaders provides practical and easily accessible tools coupled with faith-based principles, to make a whole and complete self.”

    Cory Edwards

    Marketing Director, Adobe

  • “What I love about Launching Leaders is that it asks, who do you want to become? This is really the foundational aspect of knowing what you want to do. The Launching Leaders framework prepares you to know who you are, so you can go out and set the world on fire!”

    Sarah Zentner

    Graduate Student

  • “In addition to the book, the online Launching Leaders course has great videos and interactive exercises that helped me make a plan for my life.”

    Cristian E. Mendez-Arevalo

    College Student

  • “I loved reading Launching Leaders because it empowered me to work toward my goals while considering God and faith in ways I do not often hear in my community. It was packed with good information while also being concise and easy to read, which is perfect for my busy Millennial lifestyle!”

    Kathryn Wickman


Launching Leaders
companion course to the book

Check out the Launching Leaders online course. The course is free!

Principles in Launching Leaders


Congruence and
authentic relationships


Financial freedom
and pursuit of goals


The importance of identifying values


The Formula for

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About the Author



Steven A. Hitz describes himself as a Baby Boomer with a Millennial heart. He studies, thinks like, celebrates, and advises what he calls “a great new generation.” As a company founder, president, and CEO, he employed more than 10,000 Millennials. Plus he was a lay pastor of a congregation of 20- to 30-somethings.

Steve is a founding member of Launching Leaders Worldwide Inc., which offers the book Launching Leaders: An Empowering Journey for a New Generation and the Launching Leaders online course, helping individuals examine their lives, determine where they are now, where they want to be, and how to create their future while embracing their faith.

He is an entrepreneur at heart, involved in varied businesses including insurance, banking, farming/cattle, and franchise operations. His business experience, coupled with advice from mentors and other forward thinkers (he is a voracious reader), helped him shape the principles contained in this book.

Steve has been honored with a Global Business & Interfaith Peace Medal from the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, in collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact Business for Peace platform, the Global Compact Network Korea, and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (2018).

He is married to the amazing Ginger L. Hitz. They are blessed with three sons, two daughters, and ten beloved grandchildren and counting.