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The Launching Leaders course gives you practical tools that open doors to a life of fulfillment and success through holistic living. Class topics include developing positive habits, effective mentorship, life planning, financial fitness and breakout communication skills. When you develop your complete self, combining proven principles with spirituality and your everyday life, you can accomplish your life’s passions.

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We are so passionate about helping you create your future we are offering our first class in the course, free of charge. Simply login and find out for yourself if the principles and practices we teach make everyday sense and increase your happiness and success.

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Course topics


The Launching Leaders course is packed with inspired principles and practical steps you can apply to your life immediately. Plus, you’ll get access to a bunch of free download resources and a mobile app to create your future.

Charting Your Course

Develop a plan for your life. Create your choices, make your choices, and chart your course.

Mentors & Mentoring

No one succeeds alone. We all need mentors and need to become mentors. Mentors are your bridge to success.

Financial Fitness

Become self-reliant and take even more control of your life.

The Formula

Launching Leaders’ inspiring and powerful six steps to happiness and success.

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Yihan, 24

Hamilton New Zealand

”Launching Leaders has taken it to a whole new level.”

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Launching Leaders is reaching out to Millennials to create the next generation of  fulfilled,  faith-inspired leaders. And we need your support. Give back through mentoring, program development, financial support, or anyway you can. Plus, see how we’re giving back.

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About us

Launching Leaders Worldwide Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reaching out to Millennials and anyone who needs a boost toward greater happiness and success. Our Interfaith Advisory Council  and Interfaith Millennial Advisory Council include people of various faiths. We’ve been teaching Launching Leaders in live classrooms around the world since 2008. Now we’re offering the course online. People of all faiths are invited to participate.

Our founders are believers and successful entrepreneurs who have been at the helm of some of the best companies in the world. They’ve taught Launching Leaders personally, drawing on their years of experience and reliance on God and world-class mentors. Their purpose is to give back and inspire faith-based empowerment.

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