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Launching Leaders


Empowerment+ interfaith action groups help participants gain practical life and career skills that focus on more than just finding a job, but on a vocation that is meaningful and fulfilling. Launching Leaders is a first step toward starting an Empowerment+ interfaith community in your area.

Now is the Time to Create Your Future

Where am I finding meaning and purpose?
Am I living true to myself and being authentic?
Am I discovering my potential?
Should I make a plan for my life?
What does financial self reliance mean to me?
Can I succeed alone?
How can I give back?

The Launching Leaders course gives you tools that open doors to a life of fulfillment. We’ll help you develop your complete self. You will learn how to apply personal leadership principles to your spirituality and everyday life. You will discover how to accomplish your life’s passions. You will create your future.

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The Launching Leaders course is packed with inspiring principles and practical steps you can apply to your life immediately. We give it to you in small chunks with lots of well-done video that is mobile friendly. Plus, you’ll also get access to free download resources, our book, and apps to create your future.

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The Launching Leaders online course is $99 per person, which includes 12 classes and the electronic version of the companion book Leadership by LIGHT: Principles That Empower (a paperback version of the book is available for separate purchase).  The course is very effective in a group setting.  Please indicate in the request information form below if you would like information on Launching Leaders for a group.


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