Q: Why are you offering Launching Leaders?

A: We have years of expertise in teaching young people solid principles combined with faith and spirituality. We know Launching Leaders will engage your Millennials and other participants; helping them connect the dots between their everyday walk and their faith.

Q: Who is Launching Leaders for?

A: Primarily Millennials (ages 18 to 34), but people of many ages have benefitted from the principles taught. We offer a Christian track and a multifaith track.

Q: How much time and resources will Launching Leaders take to implement?

A: Launching Leaders provides all of the material you need to successfully engage your Millennials. Your main responsibilities will be to invite participants, provide a location for live meetings (as applicable), and provide facilitator(s). We’ve found that responsible Millennials (your participants) make great facilitators!

Q: What makes Launching Leaders effective?

A: We’ve created online learning and live facilitation aids that are based on time-tested principles, are meant to engage Millennials in the ways they are accustomed to learning, and do not shy away from spirituality and faith. While many Millennials have departed organized religion, many are also still very engaged in their individual spirituality. Launching leaders helps Millennials see the practical application of principles + faith and spirituality, increasing their engagement in religious activity.

Q: How much does Launching Leaders cost?

A: Our fee structure is simple. Groups of 26 or more are $79 per person for the entire course (12 classes). Groups 25 or fewer are $99 per person. You are free to charge a little more to pay for your expenses and even use Launching Leaders as a fundraiser, or supplement the cost to bring the cost down for participants. Its up to you (contact us if you want to charge a different price).

Q: Is Launching Leaders tied to any religious groups or organizations?

A: No. Launching Leaders Worldwide Inc. is a nonprofit organization focused on reaching out to Millennials to engage them in proven principles and their faith and spirituality. We help them connect the dots. Its the universal principles and individual faith that unite and enrich us. There is no proselytizing or recruiting allowed.

Q: Where has Launching Leaders been taught?

A: Launching Leaders has been taught in live classrooms in various parts of the world. This is the first time the curriculum is available in an online format.

Q: What do I have to do to sign up my group?

A: Click on the link provided on the website and identify the number of participants you’ll have in your group. We will send you a code to distribute to participants. They can sample the free class and then sign-up and pay if they decide to take the full course. Or they can sign up for the full course immediately. Payment is made individually online. Or your organization can pay for the entire group (contact us using the request information form).

Q: What other organizations have used and can endorse Launching Leaders?

A: We are very happy to give you references. Please use the request information form below to make the request.