Q: Who is Launching Leaders for?

A: Primarily 20- to 30-somethings, but people of many ages have benefitted from the principles taught.

Q: What makes Launching Leaders effective?

A: We’ve created online learning that is based on time-tested principles, and is meant to teach you in ways you are accustomed to learning – through mobile-friendly video, interactive exercises and valuable additional resources. Launching leaders helps you see the practical application of principles + faith and spirituality, increasing your fulfillment and success.

Q: How much does Launching Leaders cost?

A: The Launching Leaders course is $99 USD per person, which includes 12 classes and individual chapters of the companion book Launching Leaders: An Empowering Journey for a New Generation. There’s no obligation until you sign up for the full course.

Q: Is Launching Leaders tied to any religious groups or organizations?

A: No. Launching Leaders Worldwide Inc. is a nonprofit organization focused on reaching out to 20- to 30-somethings to engage you in proven principles and and spirituality. We help you connect the dots. Its the universal principles we teach and individual faith you bring that unite and enrich us. There is no proselytizing or recruiting allowed.

Q: Where has Launching Leaders been taught?

A: Launching Leaders has been taught in live classrooms in various parts of the world. This is the first time the curriculum is available in an online format.

Q: What do I have to do to sign up?

A: Click on one of the links provided on the course page. You can try the first class for free or sign up and pay for all 12 classes.

Q: What other individuals have used and can endorse Launching Leaders?

A: Please see the Your Stories page on our website for thoughts from people who have experienced Launching Leaders.

Q: Why are you offering Launching Leaders?

A: We have years of expertise in teaching universal principles combined with faith and spirituality. We know Launching Leaders will help you connect the dots between your everyday walk and your spirituality.